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  1. Just to report high CPU usage (100%) since this update installed a few hours ago. Not happening in any of previous 3.4 betas. Wolf
  2. Wolfgan

    µTorrent MiniUI

    You may need to open the zip file and modify the javascript code to start with different default options. Wolf
  3. Nice app indeed, thx for developing it. I tried to install 1.60 in a BlackBerry 8900 and the installation says "error 907: invalid jar, illegal host string starts with '/' " The rar downloaded OK from your site, so it seems to be an issue in the BB installation process or incompatible jar packaging. Any clue? Thx, Wolf.
  4. Excellent application, just what I needed for my BlackBerry 8900, but unluckily it doesn't work in my setup. I use it inside my home network (192.168.x.y so not port forwarding needed), WebGui is accessible from other PC in the same network, but the mobile client error says: Server not found. Make sure the correct IP and port settings are correct. Details: Java.io.IOExecption: Tunnel failed Other web apps run ok on the same setup (ie TVersity), so I don't think this is network related. Any clue to help debug what's happening? Thx, Wolf. PD: @atomicrabbit: you can run jad/jar on your BB, just copy the files to the internal memory or media card (ie w Roxio Media Mgr) and then "execute" them using the Explore function of the media icon. It behaves like your installing the application OTA.