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  1. That fixed it. Thanks!
  2. Edit ul_rate_download_thres setting to 5 or 10 I can't find it in Advanced.
  3. "Alternate upload rate" is supposed to kick in when you're only seeding... well, it does not. I've redone the settings...
  4. How can screenshots help?
  5. "Alternate upload rate" doesn't kick in at all. I upgraded from 3.2.
  6. When I seed with this version, it uploads to only one leecher per torrent.
  7. I set the upload limit to 150Kb and "alternative speed" to unlimited. With the latest build, however, the upload kicks in and out even when I'm only seeding. I had to rollback to 3.2.3.
  8. I'm getting an "Unable to load... can't unzip" error in RSS with certain torrent sites, such as, and