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  1. I think we may be able to understand that better if you write in your native language and use Google Translate. I have no idea what you're saying.
  2. The new build is still using 100% CPU for me sometimes. http://pastebin.com/1gs5f9h3
  3. Was the 100% CPU usage addressed in this build too?
  4. The version number wasn't updated in the build. It says in the changelog but still says when you select "About µTorrent."
  5. Here is one instance: http://pastebin.com/7K9UKkSY Another: http://pastebin.com/JawdUXYR Third: http://pastebin.com/QkPtsZF4 Let me know if there is something wrong with those or if you need more.
  6. Is there any personal info I need to cut out of this before posting, like IP addresses or tracker URLs?
  7. Can you remind me how to do this? I have read it before but don't remember. Thanks. Torrent creation is not supported but the devs have stated that feature parity with the Windows version is the goal, so it's coming. I personally just want a version that isn't "beta" so all the private trackers will whitelist it.
  8. I've been getting a lot of 100% CPU usage with the new build (18468). It occurs when I am downloading and also while just seeding. It happens intermittently, and then the CPU usage will go back down to normal levels, even when I've changed nothing within the app (the torrent didn't finish downloading, etc.)
  9. Thanks for the update on the release. My version hadn't prompted me to download the new release. 0.9.3.x includes some excellent updates. I've switched over to using it full-time for several trackers. It's great. Finds peers like none other. Can't wait to see the final 1.0 release!
  10. These improvements look outstanding. Finally we're getting the features we've needed for so long. Is 0.9.3 nearing a beta release soon? As you may or may not have heard, several large, popular private trackers (no names, for obvious reasons) have banned Azureus and us in the Mac OS X camp are in desperate need for a good client, and Transmission doesn't do the job. I would love to use µTorrent, but the 0.9.2 release doesn't even support labeling and I have to change the default download location any time I want to import a torrent into it so it doesn't get downloaded twice. I know you have your time tables for development, but many of us have been left skin to the wind here and don't want to have to switch twice. Thanks.