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  1. Hi! What is the Peer ID of the µTorrent stable client? Thanks.
  2. And Win Vista and Win 7 bug. Wouldn't that make it a µT bug?!
  3. You mean that it's a Windows XP bug?
  4. I have the following problem: If I select the option Close to tray and then close and restart uT even once or restart it with Windows, the uT window does not appear any more. The process is running, but the system tray icon does not appear and there is no way to activate the uT program window, except deleting settings.dat and settings.dat.old. I use uT on Windows XP SP3. P.S. It is possible that I had both Close to tray and Minimize to tray checked, but I think that did not caused problems before. * * * * * Regarding other issues mentioned above by other users, I have not encountered any of them, but : a) I never Enabled bandwidth management [uTP] ( my bt.transp_disposition is 245 ) and My bandwidth, connections, peers no. &c. settings are at the maximum.
  5. They are still here' date=' just enable them in Options > Preferences > Advanced > gui.overhead_in_statusbar to true > Apply[/quote'] Thank You!
  6. Why are the used overhead download and upload bandwidth no longer displayed in the status bar in version 2.2?