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  1. I can not download eighter...pls send one copy to my email: cylx#hotmail.com. Thanks a lot.
  2. thanks, and i find you've already added the timeout option in "tweak" tab, i'll try next time, now my network is not so busy i can connect to remote server easily
  3. @wolverine13: maybe u need a DDNS server, see: forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=8639
  4. thanks! i've already tried reducing them before this, but the lowest value is 1500/2000ms, no help. i'll try increasing them. well, still can not connect smoothly. i increased the parameter to 3000/4000, but no use. i leave it there sometimes it flashes to show connection, but soon lost. maybe matias increase the network timeout value will help
  5. sorry can not agree, no time to upgrade or try other browser which will take too much time to learn, ie6 is enough.
  6. umm...maybe ie6 is devil, but not for webui 0.361, i think uremote should go on well with it, hehe
  7. very good little app! thanks a lot! however it seems diffcult to connect remote host, when the network is busy, while other apps work slow but well, even webui 0.361can work well in ie6 at that time, pls check. i'm using ver 2.2 with xp sp2
  8. hi, thank you for your smart little app. however i can not install it into my motorola mpx220, it reports: not designed for this device, error code -40 I'm running µTorrent 1.8.2 build 15357 with WebUI 0.361 and µTorrent Mobile 1.52 pls check