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  1. I noticed something today. For some reason, when I use version 2.0, I can't get past 20kB/s, 100kB/s (I have a 10Mbit Download/1Mbit Upload connection). Additionally, it took much longer than 1.8.4 to start downloading. I checked the settings and they were the same I had with 1.8.4 (max connections, everything. The same.). So I tried to go back to 1.8.4 and I got 1.0MB/s in barely 30s downloading (the torrent had a lot of seeds...). Then I tried 2.0 again and... not past 100, 150kB/s and took a long time to start downloading. Then I went back to 1.8.4. Btw, this is the torrent I used to test it. ps.: of course, I was using the same port and I checked if everything was fine with port forwarding and tracker connectivity.
  2. I think the setup guide should allow you to Test you connection speed and then configure uTorrent automatically AND Let you choose mannually in case you don't want to test anything or the tests fail or are unsuitable for you.