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  1. As long as we are talking about optimizing Add Torrent dialog vertical space here - isn't anyone else annoyed with "Don't show this again" and expand/collapse button _in the middle_ of the dialog? They are wasting the height equal to 4 (!) lines in Torrent Contents list and are never (!) used actually. At least they could have been put on one line next to each other. But I fail to see what harm is it to drop expand/collapse button altogether and always show the full dialog? As for "Don't show this again" - it's kind of counter-intuitive in the middle. I believe such checkboxes should always be in the bottom corner of a dialog. And as a "wild" idea for expand/collapse button replacement (in case it must really be kept) - how about making the "Torrent Options" and "Torrent Contents" sections collapsible? Something like sections in opera:config maybe - Or maybe with expand/collapse buttons on the sections borders on the right like - Take a look, for instance, at this CodeProject - And of course they would remember their expanded/collapsed state so that one doesn't have to expand them every time.
  2. Nested folders are not displayed correctly in Torrent Contents. When there are sub-folders with the same name in several locations uTorrent (3.2 #27547) fails to put them properly in the Torrent Contents tree. Take, for example, the following screenshots: But both "1 Season" and "2 Season" folders contain sub-folders named "Extras": Both that Extras sub-folders contents is displayed inside of "6 Season...\Extras" sub-folder in Add Torrent dialog. The torrent was created by "uTorrent/3000", btw. You can download it here:
  3. Why don't you just put there your own path' date=' and solve your problem in like 3 seconds (at list partly...) ?[/quote'] So as far as I understand that "ghost" files will then be created in the folder I specify in Preferences. And instead of C:\Users\...\Downloads I will have to go clean some other folder? I download each torrent to its specific folder, so I don't have "global" Downloads that just happens to sit in some other than C:\Users\... place.
  4. Yeah, the current Add Torrent dialog is very confusing and inconvenient (meant to report long ago..) I loved it most when there was just a single input field for "location". - It was simple and straightforward With the new dialog one has to check the contents of the torrent first to decide where the final folder name goes (either to "Save In" for single-file torrents or to "Name" for multi-file torrents). And it gets utterly confusing when a torrent contains a folder with a single file inside. And with, say, TV shows releases it's either just an .mp4 file or a bunch of other crap I usually deselect ("downloaded from..", etc.) - so one has to be always careful to get location right. - There was convenient history to choose from Say I download a TV show once a week. With a single input field it was easy to just pick the output path from history and you are done. But with the new "Name" field history does not work anymore. So please re-consider bringing these two back together again. I've also got a complaint regarding magnet links support. Whenever the "Torrent Contents" is resolved in Add Torrent dialog I've got the corresponding files created in my Downloads folder. I don't know if that is intended that way. But it is very inconvenient to clean all the "leftovers" in Downloads after uTorrent. Here are some more details. I have never touched "Directories" in Preferences (thus all the fields are empty). The default location (the one that appears in "Save In") is like D:\Video\... But whenever I click a magnet link (say, this one for Ubuntu - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8ac3731ad4b039c05393b5404afa6e7397810b41) and wait for the "Torrent Contents" to be resolved the files (ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso) are created in C:\Users\...\Downloads Could you please fix uTorrent to omit creating those files? Or if they are needed somehow for fetching the list of files uTorrent could at least delete them automatically after the torrent is added with a _different_ download location.