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  1. thanks a lot, development team
  2. you're basically right! but the problem is that the beta sends event=completed instead of started, and event=started instead of completed i think this is causing the 404 error. i didn't try it at demonoid but it's most likely causing the corrupt torrent issue, unless there's something different on how v2 reports the info_hash, but in that case you'd get "torrent not registered with this tracker". if the bittorrent team fixed this event problem it'd be great, i need v2's utp and nat hole punching features. thanks in advance, thumbs up
  3. @jivan private trackers have anticheat scripts and could detect the event bug as a cheat @guijarrelson is net.calc_overhead enabled? if so the extra upload may be protocol overhead remember utp transfers use more of it than tcp ones
  4. i suppose it happens with private trackers (and some public ones too) i recommend you use the 1.8.3 stable until the team fixes the event bug otherwise you may end up banned
  5. That could be because the beta sends event=completed instead of started, and viceversa