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  1. when i try to drag and drop the 2.0.4 skin package onto the µTorrent window, it just says "Invalid torrent file" (build 22538) also, i am unable to update to the 2.2 Release Candidate 22626 "There was a problem downloading the update for µTorrent..."
  2. ok please change the µTorrent icon back
  3. No offence, but these are possibly the ugliest toolbar and status icons i have ever laid eyes on.
  4. the new colors for the status icons contrast really badly. actually, i liked the previous style icons much better than the current ones. (last used in version 2.0.3) it would be nice to go back to those
  5. it changed the column headers back to default again when i updated.
  6. that is caused by the Windows theme you are using. it's not being caused by µTorrent. ask for help on the website of where you got that theme.
  7. i have the same problem as lostinlodos bandwidth limiting won't work. i have my upload limit set at 70 kB and it goes over