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  1. Thank you, Jeroenz0r! Still, how about some consistency in the colors? And by that i don't mean making the new 'green' standard.
  2. RE: the new colors on download progress and completed torrents - Yuk! I need a barf bag from that green. The green download arrow is fine, but that other green? Not so much. Doesn't even match the arrow color.
  3. Try checking "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" in that same options dialog box.
  4. @rafi - the problem with the "flags.bmp" that you refer to above is that in that situation all .com & .net domains default to a U.S. flag even when the ISP is not in the U.S. You can see this in your screenshot where the ipredate.net ISP (which is in Sweden) actually shows a US flag in µTorrent. Hence my preference for using the peer.resolve_country option, which, in my experience, always shows the correct flag regardless of the domain. Can you confirm that you were using the peer.resolve_country *true option for that screenshot, or was it taken using *false & "flags.bmp? I do hope that the previous functionality is restored by the time the 2.0 Stable is released.
  5. Sorry, I neglected to mention - Vista (Home Premium) 32bit SP2.
  6. 2.0 RC3 >Preferences >Advanced > "peer.resolve_country" set to *true - country flags are not showing as they were in all other builds. In fact, there doesn't even appear to be a 'column' (space) for the flags as there used to be.
  7. 16222 is misreporting stats, big time. I'm seeding a small (53.1MB) file. Currently 18 people have completed. Even if I had uploaded ALL the data myself, the total would only be 955.8, yet 16222 is showing 1.31GB & a ratio of 25.359. Good for my ratio, also a good way to get banned. Guess I'll switch to 1.8.4 until this is corrected. Also notice that upspeed is jumping wildly, maybe from 40k one second to 60k the next. My connection won't even do 60k.