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  1. Links fixed. To be honest' date=' I don't think this will help if a new (empty) settings file doesn't.[/quote'] I agree. Thus my belief that this is a bug given all the other data I've presented
  2. Actually, I was going to try yours from your sig yesterday but the redirect link is broken. If you could fix that then I'll definitely give it a go.
  3. Sorry, missed that. I'm not force seeding any torrents. As originally mentioned, this just started happening about 2 weeks ago with no change at my end aside from installing whatever beta builds were auto-updated so at this stage I'm more inclined to think this is a regression introduced in whatever build was released around 2 weeks ago.
  4. Just renamed the settings.dat/old to create fresh ones to test. Exact same behaviour being exhibited.
  5. For the last 2 weeks, I've found the beta builds have been uploading at my maximum upload rate even when in the scheduler it is in the White (i.e. "Turn Off") time period. It's not displaying in the main window that it's uploading anything and all active torrents show a Status of Queued. However, on the uTorrent title bar and status bar it is showing *something* uploading and my router logs show upload data at the same rate. I'm currently on 3.2.27272. Any ideas what might have happened from the builds around 2 weeks ago to cause this? Is this a bug or have a missed a new configuration option? I've made no config changes in months, simply accepted new beta builds of 3.2.x as they get pushed.
  6. For reference, still seeing exact same issue with Beta 25229
  7. Yep, been getting the same ever since upgrading to uTorrent 3.0 beta 25220. have to keep forcing re-check. When the torrent EVENTUALLY downloads it's perfectlly OK. Would love to know the cause of this as it's insanely annoying.