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  1. And in English??
  2. You can’t tell, whether you’re being MitMd or not though.
  3. The question is: did it use 3.2.2 as a base' date=' or 3.3 :/[/quote'] Guessing by disk usage, I’d say 3.3.
  4. Well, “” isn’t a direct link already? Also I did a little research, µT hangs with given ip url, it doesn’t hang with given “http://localhost/…” link, but also doesn’t get the xml from the server (as I can see by server’s log). Doesn’t hang with dropbox link, and fetches the xml from there though, and seems to be working. The issue with ip addresses should be fixed… Edit: Never mind, it hanged right now, there is the issue with the whole policy system, I guess…
  5. w000t, nope, it didn’t help.
  6. µT 3.3 (27184) hangs on launch with given “isp.peer_policy_url” using this content: <btpolicy version="1.0"> <revision>2</revision> <!-- Rostelecom optimal announce ip-ranges --> <iprange start="" end="" weight="10"/> </btpolicy>via URL: “”
  7. Forced Seeding tasks becomes Finished right after the upgrade to 27179, and on each startup of µT. Actually this happens at previous build (27150) too.
  8. Для россии отдельный топик.
  9. Crash while streaming. µT 2.1 (18888) Dump.
  10. 18825 crashing while work, don't know why =) Dump
  11. µT 2.1 Alpha (17935) When I set to turn off PC when Download done, PC shutdowned, but at the next start of µT all torrents stoped... ps sry for my bad english.