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    "Sign Up" for WebUI beta testing

    I really would like to be a tester. I Run Firefox and Internet Explorer on WinXP SP2, and would be willing to install other Browsers if need be. Why am I a good tester? -I am active on IRC, almost always on. -I have tested a lot of games and apps in the past, including MS betas, and was very active in their beta tests. I consistently notified them of any bugs I noticed and improvements. -I know Firon preaty well via several private trackers (That has to count for something) -I have a 10MBit connection at my University. Therefore due to trafic shapping I do use Encryption. -I really enjoy uTorrent, and exploring its possibillites. -I have used Bittorrent since it's first public build. Starting with Mainline, and then once Shadows Experimental was released, going to that. Then moving to Azureus shortly after, then after hearing about uTorrent, I went to that. -I run Bittorrent nearly 24/7 with about 100 torrents and 20 on avg active at any time. Basically I really would love to be a part of the beta test team. I have been looking forward towards this feature for a long time and think that I could give a lot to the uTorrent team.