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    µTorrent MiniUI

    Just want to compliment this MiniUI, in my opinion the best way to check your torrents when on away from home and normal pc. Sure there is the uTorrent mobile jar client wich is also great but I prefer a website above a separate application. Why install extra app when you can get the same via your browser? I've been using Mini for a long time now! Good to see it's still being tested for many platforms.
  2. Yup, I retyped it 4 times now. Use the exact same IP (lala.dyn-o-saur.com, currently offline cos my pc is off, its a dyndns account wich checks my IP address) and port when I use Opera Mini to browse to webgui and that works. Perhaps I need to type the IP address itself instead of hostname? Will try later at home.
  3. Not working here (using official 170, uTorrent 2.0.3 and webui v370, webui working in mobile phone browser). I get this: "Server not found" Make sure the IP and port settings are correct Details: Response code: 502 I typed: Server IP: hostname of my pc port: (the portnumber I use for utorrent, working in mobile phone browser) user/pw: the user/pw from utorrent webui
  4. zilexa

    µTorrent WebUI

    Wow didn't realize there was still development in the WebGUI. Great! I was hoping for magnet links support and rss feeds/being able to edit the rss downloader and add/delete/modify feeds. I know uTorrent 2.1 can make this available for webgui. Since 2.1 isn't very stable yet it's not interesting for now. But I am willing to test
  5. uhm, perhaps you could add the possibility to associate uRemote with .magnet links Not sure if the Web API supports it... I wish the web api would get an update with this functionality and rss feeds, rss downloader setup... it's supported in uTorrent 2.1 Beta but that's not a very stable build...
  6. zilexa

    µTorrent WebUI

    uTorrent 2.1 beta now supports RSS in the webui. I suppose an update to the webui is required to get this feature? I thought it might be included in the utorrent 2.1 beta installer but its not.. so I guess it has to be build first?
  7. Ok thanks for the info. What about setting priority for torrents? For instance I now have 4 torrents, I want no2 to be no1 so that it will get bandwith priority..
  8. Hi there, thnx for this great tool and the help so far I was wondering, would it be possible to also show the RSS feeds, so I can add/edit/del them. And also control the RSS downloader so I can add/edit/del the tv shows I'm watching? It's the only reason why I still open up uTorrent on my htpc/fileserver
  9. WOW sorry I must have had a moment of blindness because I checked the preferences menu twice! Another question though... how come I cannot set priority for files in a torrent? High/Normal/Low is greyed out. I know it's also not possible in the WebGui in my browser, but I was suprised to see the priority option in uRemote. Is it just there waiting untill the uTorrent WebGui supports it?
  10. Is there any way to easily associate .torrent files with uRemote?