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  1. In case you haven' noticed yet - there is v3.3.1.29963 meanwhile, and it has its tray icon back (and does not offer to install any toolbars etc. any more).
  2. This system tray icon issue does not occur with any previous build of µTorrent prior to v3.3.1, and the icon immediately re-appears when reverting to v3.3.0. One difference I noticed is that since v3.3.1, µTorrent (uTorrent.exe) contains some unusual icon resolutions (in addition to the standard icons of 32bit 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 plus a 256x256 png of v3.3.0, the new version also contains 32bit 20x20, 40x40, and 64x64). Might the highly unusual 20x20 or 40x40 cause confusion for some systems?
  3. Well, that's nice to know but not very helpful, unless you can provide some clue why the µTorrent tray icon (and ONLY this one of all 'tray-able' programs) does not show up on some systems.
  4. This so-called "stable" v3.3.1.29812 has an invisible tray icon.
  5. For a couple of days, the "Download µTorrent" page ( shows outdated information.
  6. LOL - ROFL That's a good one! The so-called "stable" doesn't work properly, and you refer us to betas and even alphas!!!
  7. The "Checked 0.0%" / "scrape OK" bug is still present in v3.3.0.29544. It seems to occur particularly often with magnets when the metadata download takes a bit longer than usual - might there be a process timing / timeout problen inside µTorrent?
  8. µTorrent "Stable" v3.3.29533 The "Checked 0.0%" / "scrape OK" bug has turned up again!
  9. I have possibly a similar problem with v3.3.0.29420 - new torrents stay stuck forever with "scrape OK". After downgrading to v3.3.0.29342, everything is working fine again.
  10. I noticed that the last few builds including v3.1.3.27060 tend to crash (or end up in an infinite loop?) when adding magnets. I went back to v3.1.3.26837 which seems to be the last one to work without these particular problems.
  11. I also have had this issue since v3.0. As far as I can remember, it did not occur in previous versions.
  12. Except that it also occurs regularly with Windows XP SP3 and Comodo firewall.
  13. It's a known and often-reported bug for ages, and has never been fixed. You have to use Task Manager to kill the process.
  14. The latest build (v3.0.26473) does not respect upload bandwidth limits for transport overhead (set in Global Rate Limit Options).