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  1. bugmenot2

    3.5.x Beta

    I had this problem for a month or so. It went away when I uninstalled Comodo Cloud AV so I'll assume that was the problem.
  2. THANK YOU for this workaround. I like to download things to my SSD drive, then have it move it over to my slower 5400rpm drive. This workaround allows me to download things from my RSS feed and have it sorted out in the proper folders based on labels (e.g. */TV/(name of TV show)). What a time saver. Thank you again.
  3. µTorrent 1.5.11 sends as anget uTorrentMac/15110(25801) and a random peer_id is -UM15110d[)q$ I think at least the peer_id is bad because following the azureus peer_id style like the other utorrent versions should be -UM1511-d[)q$ note the - instead of the 0. I think that the issue is the version number so agent should be uTorrentMac/1511(25801). I think that the mistake was adding the 1 for 11 without removing the 0 of 10.
  4. Growl notification in uTorrent 1.5.9 seem to be broken when using growl newest version (1.3) from the app store. It's my only application which doesn't work with growl 1.3. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  5. I've set utorrent (32-bit) to auto update and use beta versions since 2.1 or something. If I continue to use the 32-bit version betas will I eventually be prompted to decide on using the 64-bit version on the auto update dialog? Thanks.
  6. bugmenot2

    µTorrent WebUI

    Thank you for the quick reply about resizing. This issue is a minor detail since i can always RDP over to the server where the DPI is set to normal. I have to use 150 DPI on the HTPC windows box b/c of the distance between my couch and the 42" TV. I will see if using the zoom options in the browser make a difference. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this crucial free software that i run 24/7.
  7. bugmenot2

    µTorrent WebUI

    Thank you for improving the webui. Running the app as a service with the webui is very convenient. I would like for somebody to look into an issue with the RSS and Preferences windows scaling incorrectly when using 150% DPI. Words are overlapping and sections are misaligned. Perhaps an easy fix would be to make the window re-sizable. -W7U x64, Firefox v5 Keep up the good work!
  8. Out of curiosity, why is a stable linked to the release of Lion. Any bugs in 1.5.3 due to changes in Lion would also be present in 1.0.2 and it is not like jailbreaking (yet) where Apple would close a loophole?
  9. Hey Theron: When do you think there would be a final version of utorrent 1.5. Most private sites do not accept beta and I would love to have the feature set of the beta client which are currently missing in 1.0.2 Thanks for the time and keep up the good work.
  10. Labels for "Download", "Upload", "Upload & Download" graphs randomly apper/disapper on "Resolution" change. //edit: UI Settings -> uncheck: "Always activate when clicked"
  11. I'm also having this problem in both 25229 and 25233. Clicking the silver bar causes streaming to start. The bar does not appear if I select multiple torrents with Ctrl + click or Shift + click. Same here ;-) Try "Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Advanced" -> "gui.show_dropzone" and set it to "false". Worked for me.
  12. more languages would be nice and skins
  13. utorrent icon not in system tray. this problem still exists. its working fine when u install utorrent n use it for first time, then after restarting pc and using over time , it never appears in tray.. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=559990#p559990 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=558958#p558958 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=90952 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=90144 (main thread) http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=90136 all these threads report the same problem
  14. This sounds like a contradiction. Why would people who seek a client want to download a server?
  15. Does that really mean that "Oops - it does."? The dialog box should say "By allowing this upgrade - we get to put adware on your computer. Are you attempting to harvest emails too? Maybe I should switch to Opera. What you really mean is "If you want to remove the changes utorrent made..." Why don't you have a "Remove adware" thread. Oh, right, that wouldn't make any sense. No thanks. Post the exact information on how to get rid of all the garbage. You don't need emails for that. Thank God for Reddit. I'm running 2.0.4 and I won't upgrade now - and maybe never. The Wikipedia page doesn't mention adware. μTorrent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%9CTorrent I wonder if the page was scrubbed.
  16. Screw this, I'm switching to qBittorrent.
  17. I also love how you guys advertise yourself as a very tiny and lightweight torrent client... ...then throw in BLOATWARE, making that statement inaccurate.
  18. Yes the toolbar can be avoided by paying attention and hitting the "No Thanks" button... ...but the fact that you guys had to STOOP TO THIS LOW... Congrats, you guys are now on par with Real Player.
  19. Much like everyone else here, I am extremely annoyed by this spyware bundled into uTorrent. You have lost my trust. I DID get the dialog with the checkboxes. That dialog is very DISHONEST. Just look at the screenshot Firon posted. The dialog says "uTorrent setup", but in fact it should say "various crapware setup". My problem is I get 2 options - "Install" and "no thanks". But if I click Install there, does that mean installing uTorrent, like the dialog claims, or does it mean installing the crapware? No way to know. As a poweruser, I realized what's going on and came here to read the story. Most users will just click install because they were led to believe this is the uTorrent setup and clicking "no thanks" will cancel the installation. I don't see any signs of being infected by this crapware, I hope it didn't install stuff silently. Most users will get infected because you misrepresented information to get their consent. BTW the new icons in uTorrent look terrible.
  20. No one uses uTorrent on their phone, and no one uses the uTorrent webUI or ever has. uTorrent reached 100% as a torrent client -- just like Azureus did -- and now it is becoming slowly more and more bloated into a piece of shit -- just like Azureus. If things keep heading this direction uTorrent will be replaced in 1-2 years with another barebones torrent client and history will again repeat itself. Just keeping it real.
  21. The last couple of versions reverted by icons (category list, downloading/uploading, etc.) back to the old style. Is this intentional, or am I doing something wrong on my end? If it's the former, can you please consider bringing the newer icons back? They were very nice.
  22. Thx. I'm aware of that, I just don't care, since it is a hidden feature and couldn't be easily switched on/off. If it was - I could use it only for downloading old TV series, where's a lot of seeds and sequential download won't hurt anyone, but since this feature is not so easy to switch on/off - I will just turn it on and forget about it completely.
  23. Nice of you to read the faq. oh, sorry. Thx for a clue, now I've read it. and what about downloading files from start sequentially to the end? I see, moderators edited my previous message about hidden parameter - what's wrong with it?
  24. someone, please, tell me - does this version already support the feature of smart downloading video files from the start to the end, that allows a user to start watching the film, since 5-10% of video got downloaded, while the downloading process is still active and downloading the rest of the file without interrupting the video, so user can start watching the film earlier than it fully downloaded? is it planned to release a portable version of utorrent? I mostly use portable soft on my system.
  25. I can reproduce the problem swede4200 and unctuous are talking about. Bug description : Directories for new torrents aren't created on external disks Type : regression Steps to reproduce : 1. Set your downloads folder to a folder on an external disk 2. Launch this torrent 3. Wait until uTorrent tries to write to the disk Expected behaviour : uTorrent creates the folder containing the wallpapers on the disk Actual behaviour : After downloading for a couple of seconds, uTorrent displays "Error : no such file or directory" and stops the download Workarounds : set the downloads folder to a folder on your boot partition. Comments : This does not happen when downloading a torrent that contains just one file - there must be a folder contained to reproduce this bug. So, anyone know where I can get ? Love, bugmenot2