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  1. Quote: "Because the feature-rich dht you're aiming for is more along the lines of a traditional p2p network than that of a bittorrent client." Ok, thanks, but is that really bad? Quote: "Vuze would be essentially a dead BitTorrent client *IF* the BitTorrent portions of Vuze are no longer being bugfixed and new BT features are not being added. It would be a dead client if the company associated with it fails/shuts down. (Though some 3rd party could resurrect the source code and update it.)" LoL, the same goes to uTorrent, but even more, because uTorrent isn't open source.. regards, iNsuRRecTiON
  2. Hi, I don't know the quote function on this board, so. "There are Vuze versions which can run both DHT types to bridge the gap, so there is even LESS reason to impliment Azureus DHT." This is clear, but don't you think the Azureus DHT is more feature rich and the mainline DHT implemention is missing extensions and features found in Azureus DHT?!? "3) No. Completely incompatible DHTs. And Vuze is a dead client anyway." Why you wrote Vuze is a dead client? Is this your personal opinion? I mean there are many many Vuze/Azureus users out there.. iNsuRRecTiON from Germany
  3. Hi there, I'm new on this board Some questions: 1. Is 2.1 alpha/beta a new development tree and 2.0 is going to be released as final soon?!? Or will the 2.0 dev tree ported to the 2.1 dev tree? 2. I hope in the final release of e.g. version 2.1, dna is optionally on install or there will be an version without dna integrated as an separate download. Quote: "- Change: Made the DHT compatible with future extensions" 3. Does this mean, we will finally getting a more feature rich and compatible with Azureus DHT?!? In my opinion uTorrent with both mainline DHT AND Azureus DHT support would be great Specially because there are many many Azureus users out there.. I think this could be easily done by the coders. regards, iNsuRRecTiON from Germany