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  1. I've been running 1.5.3 nonstop for the past 6 hours. So far it's been stable, but I did notice a small memory leak: Edit. I did some experimenting, and the memory leak happens when I'm downloading multiple, large torrents (torrent sizes ranging from 400 MB - 2 GB). If I'm just seeding (currently seeding 26 torrents), µT's RAM usage is around 45 MB.
  2. I noticed when updating to 1.5.1, sparkle doesn't move 1.5.0 to the trash. Console shows the following error: Mar 29 23:28:41 uTorrent[8841]: Sparkle error: couldn't move /Applications/uTorrent (24963).app to the trash. This is often a sign of a permissions error. I did not change the permissions of prior to updating. Other than that, 1.5.1 is running great. Thanks for fixing the add torrent dialog.
  3. Might need to turn it on in the preferences. I have it enabled, but its still not showing up when I add a torrent.Other than that, 1.5 beta is working great. Thanks for adding a webui and RSS feeds.
  4. You guys forgot to code sign 1.0.2. Now, every time I launch µtorrent I get the annoying "Do you want the application to accept incoming connections." message from the OS X firewall. Other than that, 1.0.2 works great, I've been running it for the past 5 hours without any problems.
  5. So, you'd rather the developers not take their time, and release an unstable torrent client, just to please a few impatient users? :/IMO, I'd rather have the devs take their time, instead of them rushing and releasing an unstable torrent client. Firon said that they're working on a new beta, and hopefully, it will be released soon. So chill out and quit complaining.