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  1. I suppose it's not really much matter, since I did stumble upon evidence here that MicroTorrent version "2" is an official build. However, it wasn't until registering to participate in the Forum that I recognized that information-- as, while browsing this web site, following only those links which I expected to reveal the truth I sought-- and I began to believe my suspicion that I'd been duped! Having downloaded version "2.x" as an "update" (probably responding to a desktop client notification), I thought it peculiar that what I considered "the official" update, marked still as a pre-release itself, is inconsistent with the version I found distributed elsewhere. Specifically, believing it to be the most up-to-date or current version, the Release Candidate build which is the topic of this thread, I became reassured about these versions only after reading the discourse herein-- while i'd yet to discover the "beta" build, in fact! hmph. gosh! what's my point? i had one, i swear! naw, i really just wanted to play around w/ a new forum profile, tweak avatar n sig, n all that fun stuff... No! kidding! ... my point is, however vague it may be, that-- although I am even compelled to remark upon how strikingly fine I find the microtorrent site to be-- that is in terms of its aesthetically pleasant, spartan design, well adjusted so as not to speak out-of-turn, or over-top-of, but rather to cradle the functional components, remarkable amongst its brethren enough to catch my eye-- but wait!-- gosh!, cause i felt like it, okay!?-- but, i digress-- oh, yeah-- something about-- hmm... it would be cool, maybe, or-- as the jack-in-the-mule boss-man might order his subordinate-- it would, perhaps, be "a good idea" to indicate, in a more conspicuous, front-page-manner, something of this new, "version 2" build. n'kay? naw! i totally just wanted to play with the profile n junk! (not unlike was spoken, as Stewie once said, "i totally have rockets on my skis!". right? hee hee.) rock n roll. thanks for the software. good stuff. ... what... no one uses Kazaa anymore?.. hehe... time flies. thank goodness for the trade-off: improvements in technology! yay!...