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  1. i'd like to report a minor but annoying problem with DLing a part of a torrent : say I lust for a Dime torrent but I only want two songs from a 24-tunes show. If the FLAC are freely organized in the torrent file I can "select none" then individually check the two files I wanna get. IF the FLAC files are put in sub-files (like "cd1" and "cd2") doing the procedure described above won't work. You have to de-check each and every file you have no interest in till you're left with the two you want. I've been noticing this for some time now so it means several versions of UT are plagued by this.
  2. 25424 works fine with 10.5.8. No problems so far. EDIT : actually I just discovered something really unpleasent : 25242 suddenly "froze" (= it didn't react to mouse clicks though the seeding and leeching went on). I wanted to restart it but UT didn't react to Ctrl+Q. Then I thought "Ok I'll force quit it". Well UT 25242 didn't react to that either. So I had to switch off the Mac by pulling the plug off the power main and restart the machine. A bit annoying and potentially dangerous for the computer itself. I hope it won't happen again... 25242 works fine now but it's the very first time I see a version of UT not reacting to a "force quit" order. (fyi I'm on 10.5.8) [2011-07-14 edit : it hasn't happened again]
  3. I have tested the "partial torrent" option of 25394 : - good point : now the torrent goes to completion without a problem. With 1.5.2 you had to restart the thing about 10 times. - bad point : for the test I chose a Dylan torrent off Dimeadozen and I selected one song from each disc of a 2-cd show. But I only got the song from cd-2. Cd-1 remained out of reach as if 25934 didn't locate it.
  4. "Whenever I download the .torrent file, and adds it manually, the download goes to my Downloads-folder. If I use magnet-links, the download goes to Application Support folder instead!!" yep same here with 1.5.2. I don't know yet if the newest version suffers from the same problem.
  5. Let me report this : I tried to DL a torrent partially and it seems 25258 doesn't handle this well : I find it impossible to complete it, the DL stops and I get the red exclamation mark. I click on it and restart the DL, the blue arrow appears and after a few seconds the red exclamation mark re-appears, grinding things to a halt. So far I've restarted this torrent about 20 times and I'm stuck at 97%... It seems that the problem occurs as the torrent comes near completion say beyond 90-92%. After that it's stop-and-start stop-and-start stop-and-start... EDIT : there's definitely a problem with the way 25258 handles partial torrents. I just noticed that a completed partial torrent (which displayed a green arrow) suddenly became red. I clicked on the icon and it went back to green but that's annoying...
  6. Doesn't happen to me (OSX 10.5.8). Everythng's straight as an arrow on my computer.
  7. The annoying bug that plagued the (two?) previous versions (the client constantly gave a new "latest mod date" to all torrents) is GONE! Thx a lot for this! And overall it seems to be a fine version!
  8. "We have not attempted to fix this bug. We'll resolve it soon." Oh yes! THANK YOU!
  9. "Never noticed before cause I just leave it sorted by name" I prefer to keep mine sorted by "last modification date" (so I can keep dead torrents at the bottom) and with the last two versions of UT it's become "revolving doors in the Imac" Mods please solve this!
  10. Sorry but 1.5.1 has the same flaw as the previous version : the torrent files are constantly given a new "latest mod date". I have 440 files in my torrents folder. A large portion of these torrents is "dead"/uninteresting stuff that I'm trying to seed back to others before I can dump them. My torrents folder looks like a giant sweepstake with 440 balls in it. And the balls keep moving to the foreground before being replaced by others... Tireiring! Can you imagine the mess it makes on my computer screen? Nausea anyone? Sorry I have to go back to a pre-Bingo version of UT...
  11. "when I started this torrent I have less space on my drive than torrent's file size. µTorrent in such a case says nothing, it just allocated file as big as possible and then drops down the speed" Talkin about this, I miss the previous versions where UT just cancelled the downloading and showed a red cross. With that you knew you had to free some space on your Mac. Newer versions aren't as clear...
  12. I briefly used 24963 and I encountered one problem : this version whacked my finished torrents. Some torrents that I have DLed weeks or months ago (and that have been left untouched since then) now display a "last activity today 19:22" when examined with ctrl + I Strange, strange... and mighty annoying for someone who files his torrents by date of latest modification. Now I got old torrents that are moved to the top of the list I'm back to 17726 the best UT version so far for me. Windaube (Mac OS 10.5.8) EDIT : gave 24963 another try and the tumbling starts AGAIN. The torrents keep chasing one another at the top of the file. I didn"t know UT had now a function called "randomly move forgotten old torrents to the top of your list" Okay let's see what's at the top now : the Doors, QOTSA, NYDolls, Godard's Alphaville, Jerry Lee Lewis, E.Costello... STOP THE ROLLERCOASTER i'm going to puke! Seriously, I don't wanna sound ungrateful but this sucks!
  13. RE the "don't download" option* I tried to activate it to no avail... How can I effecively DL parts of torrents and not the whole thing...? * I click on "files" then I right click on the file and the "don't download" option pops up.
  14. "a dialog [box] appeared to make torrents" That's true! What a freaking Easter Egg! =D Now you should post here a tutorial to make torrents, right?