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  1. nah... been there a long time
  2. richtertheo: Go to the peers tab, right click and select, Resolve Ips
  3. In the peers tab, where are all the flags? I did enable the peer.resolve_country option. And it did work in the stable build.
  4. ICleolion, Firon: Thanks, it's better that way.
  5. Firon already publicized a little bit about the changes and features of the new beta HERE and it's great to finally use it. Where is the option of priotizing rare pieces? I hope it was not scrapped. It was the single option that really helped me get the files on poorly seeded torrents, since all the rare pieces was already downloaded by me, thus a higher chance of the swarm to get all the pieces, before the seeder stops seeding
  6. Hehey! So it was legit! But, seeing that a new beta is coming, I'll stick with the stable version. Hopefully the new one would be a public beta I love seeing new features being implemented and using 'em.
  7. Erm, searching the web, I found that there is a utorrent 151 beta 439, but it isn't a public beta i suppose. The link to the file at utorrent website is dead too now. But, some site has mirrored it. So try it if you dare. Seems legit (the size is 158KB) but, I dunno, if it isn't from the utorrent website, I don't fully trust it...
  8. try entering a blank label with torrents that has labels... it would remove the label http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_are_labels_and_what_can_they_be_used_for.3F
  9. firon: wow, minor bugfix? it decreased in size too! shouldn't the beta be taken down now anyway? or is it left purposely?
  10. hehey! 1.5 finally came out! but what's the difference between 1.4.2 (435) and 1.5? downloaded 1.5 anyway thanx ludde for the great software!
  11. i thought that firon already said it many times... there would not be anymore new features implemented in µTorrent until v1.5 is released, and any new development of features would occer after v1.5. So i think ludde would only update the graphics in the current µTorrent betas and iron out the bugs... anyway, there are more features being implemented then what you posted microuser. just take a look at what is new between 1.4 and 1.4.2 beta 434... so ludde has been busy, and not cencentrating on insignificant things as you suggested. relax, he'll get to it, when he gets to it
  12. it's been there since build 429 (non public) and 431 (public) betas. i've been clicking everything i could see since the announcement of an easter egg. [newest update] finally! and only 1 kb difference with the last beta! great job! incidentally, there was a thread about this, a few days ago...
  13. 431 is definitely a better beta, and i turned on again the icon for tabs. much better looking now.
  14. 430 did come as a surprise for me, new tray icon, program icon, (a lot) better standard GUI. i guess those spanking new tab icons does take a little getting used to (thank god for the "Icons on tabs" switch). but overall, it's a great release hopefully, the final release tab icons would shrink in size just a little bit. it's just a tad too big. it's just my opinion though
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