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  1. To comment about minimized suggested win7 behavior... If you can give the same right-click options to the minimized taskbar as the system tray icons, that would be a start.
  2. Running µTorrent 2.0 Beta (build 17539) on Windows 7 U(x64) & Windows XP H(x32) through a city wide WiMax provider, each with their own WiMax modem. Yay IPv6 native service Performance has been great, except it will hang periodically on the W7, the reports are going out, so I hope it helps. I did want to mention a few things that I don't see anyother way to report, except directly. I love the fact that you can use multiple file or torrent selection to do group changes, this will help integrate multi-touch capabilities into the system. I noticed that on W7 if I select multiple files inside a multifile torrent, right click, and select open containing folder, then it opens one directory for every file I selected. I thought it was odd and did not remember that behavior on XP, so I investagated... As it turns out XP doesn't do this, so I thought, what would be the prefered action? Here are senarios I have come across or forseen and its sugestion for action... 1: 1 Selected File in root folder - Explore to Root Folder (define root as torrent download location) 2: 1 Selected File in subfolder - Explore to SubFolder (currently the action on XP or 7 is to open root) 3: 2+ Selected Files in root folder - 1 Explore to Root Folder (not multiple) 4: 2+ Selected Files in subfolder - 1 Explore to SubFolder (not multiple) 5: 2+ Selected Files in different subfolders - 1 Explore to EACH Subfolder 6: 2+ Selected Files in both root and some or multiple subfolder - 1 Explore to Root Folder & 1 Explore to EACH SubFolder It will be interesting to see what people think of these ideas as prefered actions. As a side note, with the addition of RSS feeds, I think µT needs to consider the idea that it can be more that just a file download engine, and more of a content management, playing and subscription service. I have tried the program Miro with the RSS's I usually use for µT, and it impressed me with the concept it would handle showing me what was new and how long I have had it and it kept an eye on available recording space. I did NOT like how slow and unresponsive it was, so I just use it for showRSS only. In my eyes combining the µT with MPC-HC and a Hulu playlist type idea would be great. I picture the fundamental elements involved are the following: Recognizing the primary media file inside a torrent file. Tracking file status: Not Ready, Unplayed, Played, Started (If stopped in first 10% or less), Finishing (if stopped in last 95%), Playing (Durring play and if stopped between Started and Finishing), Publication Time, Ready Time, Est Time left (based on ratio, hdd space left, age of file) Allow for a Playlist tab that only shows when you are selecting an Feed. Allow for creation of subfolders in the Feed area (to sort) Add an Unplayed / Played / Started / Finishing feed (like All feeds) to give the unplayed playlist Allow for sorting by the feed tags under any feed The primary things to be tracked are unplayed/started/"finishing"/played How possible would this be with either 1) adding it as a feature or 2) creating it with the WebUI or 3) integrating a dlna server to provide the media (and the rest of the when to delete and played/unplayed is taken care of by the settings)? Robert L. Sawyer III sawyeriii @ assorted