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  1. ahhh what amazes me always is how people tend to forget all their knowledge when it seems convinient. As it was, most probably, said before, there is no reason for any company to scream about a deal with uTorrent if they think about using it for anti p2p. Now, let us step aside and think: how hard it is to design a client that behaves like Azereus and looks like Azereus for the tracker, for the peers? easy... I think yes, and if it is easy what stops the same person to put there a small module that will record store and analyze the IPs of the peers during a particular download? Possible? Given sertain expertise and money many can do that. Moreover, what stops my particular client, specialy when money and resources are available to jump from time to time form IP to IP and send fake content for the same torrent? Hash is the only problem...but I think that even that can be worked around. This way, I have now all you info(I have only to contact your provider to get the rest of it) and at the same time I'm sure that you wont get this particular file, ever! =D So why any one would need Lude to sell anything??? Many trackers (specialy private) are aware of existance of fake clients. Many have implemented special strategies to detect them (with "some" success), so why the hell everyone forgot about those usualy so hot topics and jumped right away on Lude? You do not trust him??? perfect! pls log all activity made by the client and present it here: that would forever discriminate Lude. Can't find anything? That can mean two things: 1)he is smarter than you are and has hidden well "bad" comminication 2) There is nothing to find. In either case you as a user have always the choice to go for another client or stay with uTorrent. If you stay no one stops you from verifying all communications made by uTorrent every time new version comes out. If you change for another client you face the same paranoia problem: even an open source client cannot be trusted unless you have compiled it yourself and verified most of the 6 or more thousands of lines of code for suspisious content. On the final word, you pretend to be paranoic? act like one! You are not?act like one! P.S. Good job Lude, I have been programming in C++ and C# for a while now, but I can't even closely imagine how you were able to desing such a small and eficient client. I would really like to learn from you, so if you ever deside to release some portions of your code or simply some ideas and solutions.... I'll be the first to read/learn/buy those. I hope that bad publicity did not influence too much the amount of users and the client wond die.
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