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  1. ANY site with any sort of the stat tracking (read 90%) stores that exact type of info if not more.I use google's stats, omg I have your IP!!12331465785960-
  2. What happened to that being your last post?Do you ever stop backpeddling?
  3. More breaking news for you, they wouldnt need a super magic backdoor in a bt client to get that info.They could already have that info just by you visting this site. Its clear from your "tweaked" post rambling that you dont know a hole in the ground from the one in your head and is simply spreading fud because "they can get your ip!!!@2@" scares you.
  4. So the MPAA getting your IP is no longer an issue with you?Funny how that was such a big deal at first.You're either scared easily by such terms as IP or you thought I would be. So please explain how a "form" from my pc would be more "redhandedness" than what they're doing already. And I want supersoft to answer, so dont help him.I would really like to know which of the two he is.
  5. Breaking News they can get your IP just by looking at the peerlist in any client, then get your ISP to release all of your internet activities by comparing the date/time and IP.Do you want to know why this makes much more sense?Because its already happening. Any private torrent site worth a snot is really far from private (elitetorrents anybody?) and could have those super evil MPAA dudes logging peer list. So while you're worried about super magic backdoors in a torrent client (Which would be illegal, Sony got sued and lost money for their drm) the mpaa got an invite to your torrent site and is logging.
  6. I dont blame the mods for their hostile responses to the same idiots posting FUD for the sake for FUD.I have asked those people direct questions several times and Im still waiting.
  7. and what exaclty could the MPAA do to uttorrent if they had control over it?
  8. Really stupid, in my opinion. I wonder if it's fun being paranoid... after all, everyone seems to be lately. If they can't get over the fact that there are and will always be proprietary things, ON TOP of being suspicious about anything proprietary, it honestly is really sad. yeah but i couldnt help but laugh at this
  10. is the quick dht option new?I was about something like it.
  11. not like oink has much worth downloading.
  12. uh oh almost 7mb of mem usage in beta