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  1. Hello. version b30331 I have a .torrent file that contains subfolders. And they display incorrect in uTorrent, I can not close these folders, and they show "+" when they are opened torrent file:
  2. Snake22

    µTorrent WebUI

    v 0.385 properties of the downloaded torrent -Maximum download rate - DON'T APPLYING!
  3. again..too much Wasted build 26563.
  4. v 3.1 (26554) WTF!? Wasted 4.3Gb!!this is very fuckin much!
  5. speed limit don't limiting version 3.0a 24710 (sorry for my bed english!) in screenshot runing only ut,and download rate limit set to 150,but network monitoring program(duMeter) show that use max of my internet speed (256kbytes/sec). if i close the utorrent than duMeter show 0 kbyte/sec.
  6. v 24369 non status icons??this sucks!!!(((( Return! Pls and Rename torrent (F2) doesn't save results UPD oh sorry, i found it in ADV = true.=))
  7. Confirm exact same problem! but DuMEter (InternetSpeed Monitoring) show that utorrent use full internet speed (ps i badly know english)
  8. download and pload limitation dont work! (limit local peer bandwidth On)