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  1. I've been getting this error since the latest update
  2. I have the same problem with the last couple of builds.
  3. seeding connection for the latest version seems to stop for all except for 2 torrents. when I restarted it, 4 became active again... I'm currently observing how long before upload grinds to a halt again. Update: downloading the latest build again then rebooting the machine seems to have done the trick...
  4. Any idea when the connection leak/bug would be fixed?
  5. I still have to restart utorrent every few hours... otherwise, upload simply grinds to a halt. Once restarted, everything functions normally again. This started after build 24120. OS is Win Server 2003 static IP with IPv6 Toredo enabled.
  6. with the latest alpha, seeding seems to stop sometime after download has completed. I need to restart utorrent so it would reseed again.
  7. latest update crashes everytime I try to access the feed menu dump:
  8. it crashes as soon as it reaches 99.9% it doesn't matter how large or small the remaining size is.