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  1. Had a short drive overload on build 20680, running fine now. Like the new sleak design. One thing though: I installed windows 7 a while back which made my lose my username for falcon. Is it possible to restore my old username from back when there wasn't a secret question yet? Thanks
  2. I'll post the compressed version of my dump file once its finished compressing. EDIT: Nevermind that, the compression was insignificant. Even with 'Ultra' compression settings.
  3. 590.42 MB uTorrent.DMP I also have the 100% Disk Overload. With uTorrent cache I get low downloadspeeds and no upload. With windows cache I get a cache size of 440 MB after which it stops downloading. Closing uTorrent keeps an active proces with extremely slow declining memory usage.
  4. Hm, strange. I've already got build 18683. Wonder what's new!
  5. The write caching works for me. It's just the progress bar that's always full and the 3xx GB size. The actual caching works though. I am having issues with the built-in speed test though. It'll say it's checking queue and then tell me the place in queue, but it'll stay in that placein queue forever. So even when in place 1 in queue, I'll be there for 5-10 minuten without anything happening.