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  1. Confirming the report by bjoer751. If you go and press "Remove Torrent", the torrent is removed from the list but the file on the hard-drive stays locked and cannot be touched (renamed\moved etc). Only once you close uTorrent does the grip gets released (and even that only after a second or so).
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    µTorrent WebUI

    >Are you running on windows or linux? Windows.
  3. moryoav

    µTorrent WebUI

    I think I found a bug; If you go to "Add Torrent" and then choose "Torrent URL", and paste a download link there - this never works for me (used to work in previous versions, prior to 0.370). I have to download the torrent to the local pc, and then choose "Add Torrent" -> "Torrent File" for it to work. So I think the functionality of "Torrent URL" is broken.
  4. bug in 18581: if you select "Set Download Location" under "Advanced" while the file is still downloading messes up everything. The file stays in it's original location and doesn't move, when you then stop the download and physically move the torrent to wherever you want it then the downloading restarts from 0.