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  1. Some other things I've been noticing with the latest build in addition to the mess with the tabs: 1. The interface is noticeably more glitchy, think the main problem may be with the progress bars in the Status column as well as their colors. They just seem to jump around, the colors will sometimes be off (had a torrent with the blue 'uploading' arrow and blue progress bar while it was still at 85%, downloading at about 50 kB/s just now). 2. The Health column is a nice addition, but it would be nice if you could order your torrents by it as well, like you can with the other columns. Ordering it either ascending or descending just follows the secondary ordering method, which would appear to be the Name column. 3. My logging tab is still displaying a lot of "Banning peer: same peer id as existing peer". I've barely ever seen this error in years of using µTorrent and now my Logger tab is just filled with it all the time. What's going on?
  2. Alright, I'm fine with your general idea of "let's hide all the useful tabs" because we can still show them again. What I hate more is that you change the order of those tabs and don't give us a way to change it back. A way to set up how they should be ordered would be very nice, even if it's just a plain Advanced option.
  3. I currently have 4 active torrents, but I didn't have any issues with 13 active torrents last week either.
  4. To be honest I never was able to confirm the high CPU usage. The latest beta has been running for at least 4 hours now and it's holding steady at 0-1% CPU usage and 22MB RAM usage.
  5. I apologize for failing to explain this properly from the start, I was having a hard time wording this. Thanks for the help!
  6. The problem here is that when gui.combine_listview_status_done is disabled and both columns are shown, there is no progress bar anymore. With both columns shown separately both gui.graphic_progress and gui.piecebar_progress have no effect anymore at all, they don't work even when enabled. Only way they work is when both Done and Status are combined. This was not the way this feature worked in previous builds, as illustrated by the first screenshot. My only hope is that the normal behavior of these settings is restored.
  7. That combines the Done and Status columns and allows for the graphic progress bar in the background like this: As you can see in the other screenshot, it has the progress bar in the Done column with the Status column intact. I believe this behavior changed in the build where the new highlight color for the listview was introduced. Any combination of the relevant advanced settings doesn't seem to restore this.
  8. Will someone please tell me how to get back to this behavior for the Done and Status columns? Was it completely removed? The best I can do in these recent builds is either have Done and Status splitted with no graphic progress, or have them combined with graphic progress.
  9. Using 24369. In addition to the problem with the contents of the Status column disappearing when the torrent is selected there's these I've come across: 1: This was also in the previous alpha; when you drag from the bottom of your torrents list up to select your torrents that way, they won't show as selected until you release your mouse button, this was not the case in any older version. This problem doesn't occur while using control or shift to select torrents. 2: When you have the 'Tabs' section open (not hidden) and go to the Apps category, the section will still be there without the actual tabs and the button to hide the section. It just shows over the App Studio. Image: 3: I don't remember removing torrents through the delete button or the Remove option in the torrent context menu just deleted the torrent without a confirmation screen, or is that just me? 4. The little progress bar in the "Done" column doesn't work anymore. I checked the advanced settings and the option for it no longer has any effect anymore either. Thanks!
  10. Ah, I kept looking under the ones starting with gui., would make more sense to put it with those imo. Thanks for the help.
  11. - Change: merge Status and Done columns and add advanced option to enable old behavior What's this advanced option called? Can't seem to find it. Also, when you sort on that new Status column, I would expect the percentages to sort accordingly. I have 5 Downloading torrents with random percentages done, but sorting the column up or down doesn't affect their order like it should.