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  1. Yes, I am also experiencing uploads that are taking a large amount of bandwidth, on a PPC Mac (Quicksilver 867). This morning I noticed the upload speeds at 320K, when I have the upload speed set to 10K. The only workarounds I have tried (with small success) is to stop and restart uTorrent or stop the individual torrent(s) that is(are) using a lot of bandwidth. This slows the uploading torrent for a time, but after a while it is back to using large amounts of bandwidth. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I originally posted about the issue that the speeds (both up and down) were off by a decimal point on PPC Macs (In a different forum). That problem was fixed. New Problem: I have uploads limited to 20K, but when someone starts uploading a file from me, it starts OK then changes to 250K - 300K. The only way to stop this is to restart my torrent. For those of us who have a bandwidth limit, this is a problem. My machine is a G4 Quicksilver 867Mhz running 10.5.8 with this latest version of uTorrent.