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  1. "Create torrent" on Mac has my vote as well. Cheers
  2. I would like to report an issue regarding torrents saving to external drives. Applies to at least and on OS X 10.6.3 Intel. Steps to reproduce: 1. Set default save location to a folder on an external drive (in my case, /Volumes/Binary/µT) 2. Open a torrent file, let it download to at least 0.1% 3. Quit µTorrent and then unplug hard drive, (maybe restart computer and/or plug in a different external drive), then reconnect hard drive, and launch µTorrent Expected: Torrent continues downloading Actual: Permissions error Attempted fix: 4. Set permissions to 777, recursively, in the torrent folder Expected: Permission error goes away Actual: µTorrent is still unable to save Attempted fix number two: 5. Remove torrent from µTorrent (list) and re-open the file. Expected: µTorrent re-checks download and continues Actual: This works — sometimes. It seems the default save location must be recently set (e.g. before ejecting and mounting the drive again), or it may not work (same error as before). Note that I poked around in my settings.dat and it seems the full path "/Volumes/Binary/µT" is not being saved, but rather, just "µT". ---------------- Oh, and thanks / well done fixing the file list sorting bug. Cheers.