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  1. Hi Directrix, I'm have a win2003 server setup that serves as my family mp3/video/photo/ftp/backup printer/P2P downloading box. It is on permanently. Until recently i was using Azureus for the SOLE purpose of using the webui plugin which works great. Azureus is, unfortunately, a memory hog and required shutting down and restarting the program every few days as it started to chew my ram. Worse, Azureus tends to go through spasms when it needs to start take a bite on my cpu too, which although generous for its purpose (800mhz duron) gets bogged down at often inconvenient moments. I have now switched to uTorrent (big grin from ear to ear) cpu and ram usage are minimal and no more server hiccups. I used to regularly check my downloads from wherever I was, even using my phone and pocketpc but I have stopped doing that since I moved to uTorrent. When using the azureus webui i would go for weeks without seeing my win2k3 desktop, but now i see it every day as i end up having to remote desktop through to it to check up on my uTorrent downloads/seeding. Thanks for reading, Fuzzy.