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  1. Yea i've got the minimize to tray option on but i naturally hit close cause vuze and utorrent have the close to tray option. Its just an annoyance really but it would be a handy feature. Will there be support for the peers tab in the future?
  2. ffjason

    µTorrent WebUI

    Is there any documentation on how to edit the WebUI and add new features? I'd like to add the peers tab and much more information from the general tab. Also it couldnt hurt to have the trackers tab either.
  3. Would there be any way of implimenting the peers tab from uTorrent into uRemote? In my oppinion its the main feature the WebUI lacks I feel as its the main tab i have open in the uTorrent interface. Also the general tab would be great (in uRemote) with more detail than the current WebUI has preferably. I find little use for the other tabs. Preferably a "close to tray" option too.
  4. Sorta a bug report but its not serious. Peers tab --> Client --> M4-20-2-4e07ac452060 (or another peer says M4-20-2-b0b13dc43071 so that bould be a beta user) Should read: Mainline 4.20.2 But i'm not fussed about it. Just thought i'd let you know that its not automatically working out what client it is. Jason
  5. No i upload at 45kb/s ish! (or at least thats the limit - its still relatively untested but that seems to be a good limit. But when downloading i'm still testing its capacity - its at around 30kb/s atm but i'm sure it needs a bit more tweaking. Though getting speeds of 350kb/s and averages of 200kbs - i'm not complaining! I disable DHT wherever and whenever i see it. as you can tell - not a fan!
  6. Ironically when i limit my upload to about 10% less than its maximum my download speed increases to its maximum...... o no thats the way it's meant to work.... The only thing i have found with 6 RC1 is that the speed in the bottom bar and the speed on the torrent itself are not identical (when running only 1 torrent - havn't checked with more than). I'm not sure if this was teh same in previous versions - i only noticed it because i was testing out my new 4MB cable broardband for maximum speeds. L8rs
  7. So much for 1 day untilrelease!? i'm not fussed but its been well over 24 hours now. Still no bugs for me to report - although i have noticed that the resolve Ip is slower than it used to be, but its no biggie.
  8. Everything is good so far - tho its strange to change the preferences so much - but it does work! Not so sure about putting the UserInterface under advance - i'm sure network settings are more advanced than that :-P Otherwise i like it!
  9. I completly agree!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. "Feature: Pause in tetris" you can play tetris??? Have you changes the super-seeding option? I can see the "Initial-Seeding" option in the place of superseeding!? Is that right? intentional? And whats the difference - i don't see it mentioned in any of the changelog! Cheers, Jason
  11. Cheers man! Got it running now! Gonna check out the features
  12. I was wondering, for a start whether its worth upgrading to the latest beta? (I have previously beta tested Azureus and other beta programs so i know what i'm letting myself into ) and also whether its got an auto-update feature - presumably one that saves all my torrents, statistics etc... I noticed that there is the 459 release - on the last page - but its also in the form of a .exe & there is no beta update options within uTorrent itself. If i replace the 1.5 .exe with the beta build will i lose my information! I am new to uTorrent from the 1.5 release so am completly unaware how the update feature works - or how someone would usually update the program. Love the program so far & would love to see whats to come!!! Apreciate any help that can be given!! Jason