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  1. The new build causes the same cache problem for me. 3GB of used cache out of x MB I set up (still no problem two builds ago). The reading cache rises to a very high value, although it was fine two builds ago...
  2. wormhole it's 5 (five) for Vista Home Basic and 10 (ten) for Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. I have sent Firon a link with a patch for Vista, but I am sure he hasn't looked over it or posted somewhere where all the people can benefit of it. http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/04/09/windows-vista-tcpipsys-connection-limit-patch-for-event-id-4226/ .
  3. Yes, I just read it again and realized. Anyway, not my initial mistake. The post above my previous one...
  4. It's not per second, it's concurrently. It's 5 at a time in Vista basic and it should be higher because it will connect faster and will let other applications, like IM clients work properly.
  5. XP SP2, Server 2003 and Vista (besides Home Basic) are capable of 10 half open connections. 2000, XP and XP SP1 are capable of something like 65,535 half open connections (anyway, a really high number, at least what I wrote). The thing is that it should be higher than that, at least 32 or 64.
  6. Probably...though I think it used to close faster.
  7. False positive probably. Send the file to Kaspersky for analysis.
  8. You can install DD-WRT on v6. You can update your firmware for your router before.
  9. Yes michkol, that's the idea.
  10. There is something with these new versions and private trackers. It doesn't seem like they like each other. First, they see the tracker, response is positive for download, then they don't connect. On one tracker..on another one they connect after a minute. For a particular reason I lost the connection to a private tracker. What does µTorrent do? It stops downloading...
  11. I don't know...I'm just saying what I see. I notice this too: µTorrent doesn't immediately close after I close it. It takes a few seconds to close. Packed executables use less CPU cycles. That's something I know. If it's packed it needs unpacking. Simple .
  12. Well, Firon, honestly, I find the unpacked version better. It feels right. Nothing to prove my findings, just those 3MB RAM usage...
  13. That private tracker issue might be related to the tracker status somehow.
  14. I still have the private tracker bug.
  15. DreadWingKnight, man, you have a problem. It's a beta. It has bugs, we're reporting. This is an issue. When I don't have more than 5 peers and it will not connect to any peer but one then it's an obvious issue, don't you think? I mostly hate public trackers. I use in more than 90% of my time private trackers and I'm seeing this issue. It connects to a seeder, then it stops connecting to others, including leechers. It's a bug, get it? And yes, connecting to the seeders in private trackers means more speed. The fastest connection gets a file in the fastest time.