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  1. I've already posted about a practical search feature to search through torrents in the client, but on the mac version of utorrent the ability to chose the download location for each file seems to be even more important. If those two features, practical search and the ability to change the download location of each file are implemented I think that the mac version would be leaps and bounds better than it is today. Kudos on enabling torrent creation in the client. I had to download a competing product to do that for awhile. Hopefully with those updates I and millions of others like me can just stick with Utorrent.
  2. ****I agree with ohaiwill. That search feature has always bothered me. Most people don't use the search feature to search for torrents. They have private and public trackers that they use. They do however want to find the torrents that they download. I have 1200 downloads and a useless search feature. Please change this for the final version in addition to including the dates and times that specific torrents were downloaded!!!****