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  1. lwiczek

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    still persists in 3.4 build 30596...
  2. lwiczek

    µTorrent 3.4 RC

    I've upgraded today to RC4 from 3.3.2 and noticed that each time after adding a new torrent a view is reset to root element in tree (i.e. "Torrents (x)") instead of persisting in selected category/label. A tad annoying
  3. lwiczek

    µTorrent Plus Alpha release

    so... utorrent updated itself and it's encouraging me to leave a comment... i've disabled remote access but this dumb icon still sits on the toolbar -- highly annoying
  4. lwiczek

    µTorrent 2.2 "Griffin" beta 22538

    1-once again download dialog on adding new torrent doesn't work no matter wheter i check it in preferences or not 2-new anti-virus icon/warning is obtrusive and unnecessary - don't make me feel like a complete moron - I can't manage security on my own 3-new webapps - I should be able to turn them off more easily (small tick in advanced preferences just doesn't cut it... while I'm at it - an filter in that section would be a great improvement)