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  1. Noob if you are happy about unstable 64bit utorrent than you should also find 64bit firefox yourself. But as I am in good mood you can be thankful that i give you this link: LOL, funny stuff... and for the FTP UNfriendly our there: EZMode...
  2. Not in my case' date=' I can change the priority except that with too many files in a torrent, it will always lost the highlighting when select a file, and failed if U are not fast enough (I mean U really have to be very fast ).[/quote'] I'm not fast enough. I gave up for now and just change files one-by-one MORE bugs: Completed files don't move elsewhere regardless of what settings, labels, appendices or the like are added Screens and tabs refresh WAY to fast to be able to select much of anything. 'Don't Download' is ignored and skipped files still download on completable torrents but skip properly on >1.0 torrents. Memory leak! Can't figure out how to recreate it. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't. Memory usage can excede 800MB, sometimes falls to under 50. 2.x commonly stayed in the 100-120 range. Not complaining as I'm in no risk of running out of RAM; but should probably be looked into. That's nutz for a 'small lightweight' application: even in x64. Have fun. SO, you CAN (or are supposed to be able to) change the priority of files whilst downloading (works in 2.2 just fine... i really need to update to 2.2.1) , for me, the lost highlighting happens too fast and I just cant get to the priority list fast enough... i really have tried... hell I even STOPPED (i also tested pause) the torrent... same shit... Now i normally dont deal with file download priorities, but this time I wanted it and it failed miserably, enough to make me break an old keyboard i had next to me (i feel no remorse, and it wasnt only uTorrent that had me aggravated, and the keyboard was for a 2nd pc thats MIA atm...) = and I also noticed the file move issue upon completion... the thing is... it doesn't ALWAYS happen to me... then again, it could happen now that i think about it when uTorrent silent crash's... (ill mouse over the icon to see progress... it goes poof, re-open uTorrent... stuffs not finished or needs to be rechecked) dont download works fine for me, again, when I was able to get a few (out of 24 files, i was able to put 4 of them on skip, and 3 low... then the thing happened that I talked about above...) sleepy time, sorry about bad formatting /runons/rant.. .
  3. i think its been mentioned already, but ill add it here anyway for conformation (a known bugs list updated daily? an idea) when i turn off the feature to show a box when adding a torrent (reformatted PC, dont want to have to manually select the finished folder for all my seeding items, when you turn that option off, it will prompt normally in the NON alpha/beta versions to use said data), any time I try to add a torrent, no matter the size or encryption, it crashes the client immediately, no bug report to speak of the "send beta feedback" doesnt work otherwise, hoorah for a native x64 client
  4. The problem is, its what the developers think/want the defaults to be, seeing as they make the app, they are the g0ds when it comes to this I am glad that they changed the default for rate limiting, its a TRUE B/W KILLER and the decision to have it off by default is madness. Its fixed, EOS (unless you quote my protocol limitation options idea earlier in the thread like someone else did ) Other then that, the default location/show download window is the ONLY thing I dont like, I download a great many things (mostly freeware updates) and the majority of the time I look over what I will be downloading, look at the folder its going to, then click OK, there are still a few that I like to remove things from (like the retarded downloaded from doc or release notes - normally read before i DL) then click OK, so the option to not show this really bugged me... as a default I think this is a bad idea... and others seem to agree (no i didnt say all others, didnt say almost everyone, i just said others, nor a majority thing, if you want a better idea, do a poll or make a EOD thread)... long winded and run-on and now i gotta put dinner away... but I leave you with my fav tool: works great for many games, and actually helped when tormenting to my Private Torrent site (Upload wise, always maxed out my DL)
  5. updater worked for me (7 x32)! "- Change: rate limit uTP by default" GREAT STUFF!!! Just the download/torrent box and its sitting pretty eh! I had camped an older version a while back, glad to see the changes however (that and Azureus before i was forced to up to Vuze... stupid crap) Keep up the GREAT work!
  6. Yeah if I want to set a limit... thats it... setting a limit... while the idea of being able to set limits SEPARATELY is nice (for different protocols and the like) if your going to use it BUT the DEFAULT should be REVERSED! IE, your a new uT user and you adjust the limits for UL/DL and thats that you should be good to go right? WRONG!, if you are a power user however and want to separate the different protocols then you should change the option, so instead of: Apply rate limit to uTP connections Apply rate limit to transport overhead IT SHOULD BE: Do not apply rate limit to uTP connections Do not apply rate limit to transport overhead (and of course they should be unchecked by default, after-all its not just power users using uTorrent, probably the MAJORITY of your user base is unaware of these options and/or the power they weild) @arvid: """i.e. if you set a default download directory, you need to set the "always show dialog" in order to see the add torrent dialog.""" With the latest beta (both update and fresh install on different systems) I NEVER set a default download directory, and before this beta, the dialog always showed up, even now I have to check both of them, so something is wrong and is breaking the schematic (unless I am reading the manual wrong, which is possible, but I find unlikely, unless of course like the many different versions of the bible, the wording is somehow interpreted differently from user to user... or developer to user -seems to be the case)
  7. thats funny, I just registered to make that same note, the Upload and Download limits are IGNORED (confirmed 2 different PC's, one updated client, one fresh install), it also seems that the connection limits are ignored (unconfirmed, could just be my network timeout setup)