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  1. Using µTorrent 3.1 Beta (build 26462) [32-bit] Today I noticed one of my torrents had alot of comments (sorry, using Swedish, so the tab's named "Betyg", grade?). Anyway, scrolling the comments using the scrollbars works fine, but using the scrollwheel on the mouse, the background turns all black. Really annoying effect. Just thought I'd mention it. Regards, /Jörgen
  2. Hi! Been trying to run UT 3.1 Beta build 25835 for the last two days, or so... The problem began with this build, never had a problem before. The problem is, that UT hangs after start. Titlebar says "Does not respond" or whatever it says in english. I'm running a Swedish Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. Would be nice if this got fixed so I can start downloading again. Regards!
  3. Hi! I've been running µTorrent 3.1 Alpha build 25728 32-bit on Win7 x64 for a couple of days now, and a few things have emerged: 1) Trying to install, You *have* to exit previous µTorrent, or the installer just quietly exits. This is not good! 2) After running for a few hours minimized to the system tray, µTorrent refuses to respond, it won't restore and the contextmenu (right-click) won't show. 3) Trying to stream an AVI (DivX5, MP3) µTorrent crashes regardless of the player, internal or external (VLC) Another, more visual thing; the button for anti-virus in the download list flickers alot during download. Not really a functional matter, but worth mentioning, I think. Other than that, it's working pretty great, for me. I'll keep on testing. Thanks!!
  4. Hi! Smart little application. I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work on my Motorola K1 RAZR any more. During the splash screen (I guess it's connecting, since the phone is asking for confirmation to connect to the internet) it slows down more and more (the scrolling "Loading..." text at the top) and finally crashes with an "Application error" message. I'm running µTorrent 1.8.2 with WebUI 0.361 and µTorrent Mobile 1.52. I wrote "any more" since an earlier version (1.3 something, I think) did work. Any suggestions?