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  1. Excuse me, one question - was uTP upload bug finally resolved or not?
  2. @unforgiven_sh Some people are using unlimited upload not because they don't know what speed guide is, but because it's simply optimal setting for them, you know.
  3. I was keeping an eye on uTorrent yesterday, and now I'm almost 100% sure: it's a bug related to uTP. When in seeding mode (let me remind, I'm using unlimited upload rate, no auto) with no active uTP connection everything works just fine... ...but when uTP connection becomes active (upload begins) then suddenly all other (TCP ones) are capped to the actual speed of that uTP connection. So if the uTP connection transfer manages to get 2kB/s only, all others are getting 2kB/s max (per TCP connection) - no wonder my upload can't be used fully then. If uTP connection dies (or become inactive) then limits on TCP connections are lifted and transfer is ok again.
  4. Having 100 or more connections per torrent didn't prevent 1.8.2 from working correctly (BTW I'm not connected through any router, only direct fast ethernet uplink) And when I download (not only seed as in the example above) the number of connections is more or less the same, yet somehow it doesn't choke upload then. You can see part of the correct download/upload graph here http://h.imagehost.org/view/0239/30sec on the left. Actually upload wavers twice there (when first two files finished downloading and went into seeding mode), still it come back correctly, but when third file also finished download and there was nothing more to do except seeding them - problems with upload began.
  5. After upgrading to 1.8.3 I have the feeling that something is not working exactly as it should: This happened few times actually... the problems with utilizing whole available seem to appear in seeding mode only. The speed settings are pretty much defaults for my upload (2Mbit), except one thing - I'm using unlimited global upload rate (zero) with automatic turned off (just in case: yes, my ISP does the queuing thank you, and yes, I have a good reason to keep my upload unlimited instead restrain it"properly" at ca 180kB/s) Anyway, I didn't have such problems at 1.8.2. Any ideas?
  6. ...what is most probably temporary, but enjoy it while you can Hm, in fact it's not so stupid - as providers usually don't bother with new encryption/protocols in alphas/betas so... dear devs, just take your time with 1.9 development
  7. @moogly - have tried it already, no result I'd like to add that I was using (and testing) all the 1.8 betas and auto-updating was working fine I can suspect the problem is connected with the fact that I still use 12616 build, while Ultima have 12639 one. But if that is the case, why my utorrent never updated to 12639? Enough is enough, I'm downloading 1.8.2 manually. I'm hoping only there won't be any problems with auto-uptade later again.
  8. Hm, is there any particular reason why 1.8.2 is still not available through auto update?
  9. @rafi - no it's not. This is 1.8.1 problem. I don't use 1.9 @moogly - I'm using it all the time, thank you
  10. Got u1.9 utp connected peer for the first time... works ok, except the country flag which was wrong (defaulted to US one)
  11. Exactly... "seeds: (0) 1" Doesn't matter you're downlading 1MB/s now, later you'll have to jump onto this one seed wagon and somehow I'm sure it won't be so fast as it is now...
  12. Nobody is asking to "play" with ISPs, only to add an option for adding local IP rangers. It will be up to ISPs - and their users - if to use it or not.