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How long?


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if you're on a private tracker, your speed could go at full speed and stabilize at that in about 1-2 minutes

especially if the seeds are more than the peers.

but it all depends on the seeds/peer upload.

but in general it takes about 1 or 2 minutes to fully stabilize at max speed start-to-finish

especially on Private trackers.

i have downloaded 350mb (Lost Episode) at my max speed of 110kb/s start to finish.

the torrent took exactly 57 minutes. (i can download 700mb in 2 hours).

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well then, since u have just started it and have not enought pieces to start sharing u just need to wait a little, also be sure u follow the speed guide, and u could also try patching the tcpip.sys file raising the half-open connections and doing so as well in the utorrent's advanced options to at least halp of what u set in the tcpip.sys, also... dunno try enabling protocol encryption, but then again it could be just an slow torrent, you may just need to wait

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your whole problem is not exactly your connection or uTorrent, the real problem is perhaps the torrent you're

downloading have people sharing at 3kb/s rather than their max of perhaps 20kb or more (this is why Private trackers are fast). in pubblic trackers even a well seeded torrent could end up sloooooow as hell.

happends to me too. you must be patient. otherwise join a private tracker but beware you must keep your

Ratio in check. you cannot download 1GB and upload 10MB you'll get banned.

you're choice. :)


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