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  1. And the weird thing about PEX message flood ban...many/most seem to be other uTorrent v2.x clients.
  2. How can BitTorrent fix a line issue?!
  3. Same -- missing icon in taskbar. A workaround might be to use BOSS key.
  4. I am using Win XP SP3 32bit and dates and times are 1970 and wrong.
  5. After such a big mistake, it would have been much better to increase the official version to v2.0.5.Because otherwise trackers either ban all of v2.0.4 or they have to ban by build number.
  6. The text could be reworded so the alternate upload limit is "when only seeding", but that doesn't mean it's illogical the way it is.
  7. What about if a seed/peer quickly disconnects and reconnects? Couldn't it (foolishly?) send a new PEX message?
  8. It's not uTorrent, as DWK was hinting at, it's almost certainly SOMETHING ELSE. You'll need to do some troubleshooting to find what hostile software on your computer is preventing uTorrent from running correctly.
  9. That feature can be VERY hard on seeds though if lots of people do it. The first file in a series can get requested over-and-over again from the seeds, far more often than all the other files. The seed could leave with 5:1 ratio and have never uploaded the last file/s.
  10. Katrasiz, others have reported problems with Verizon: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=432674#p432674
  11. So the "Disconnect: PEX message flood" bug (which shows up in uTorrent's logger window/tab if errors are monitored) has not been fixed? (This bug affects uTorrent v2.0.4, v2.2, v2.2.1, and v3.0)
  12. califab, you may only have a tiny fraction of the shared internet connection AND have BitTorrent traffic blocked/throttled in multiple ways at multiple locations. Conservative speed settings alone won't help. 1st and 3rd links in my signature. Also try rafi's uTorrent Guide: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=74820 ...Many blocking methods are too thorough to be "defeated", because they block ALL unknown traffic.
  13. Resolve IPs (if watching Peers window/tab), DHT, half open outgoing connections, bt.connect_speed, incoming connections, etc...all add up.
  14. They're not sure if the secret changes are running stable, so uTorrent v2.2 is not set up to auto-update just yet. If there's no major reports of problems with uT v2.2 it will be on auto-update probably within a week or 2. ...That is preferable to having millions of people "upgrading" to a disastrously buggy version like has happened in the recent past even with earlier v2.0.4 builds.
  15. If you're at 99% completed and 13.2% of the pieces still haven't finished...I'd say there's still something slightly wrong.
  16. "It's still supposed to be 1.5 M down and 384 kb up and has been until a couple of days ago. ... the minute I start utorrent, or any other bittorrent client, I cannot achieve over 175kb download and about 35kb upload." Sounds like you're confusing bits and BYTES as well as don't realize you'd been using ComCast's SpeedBoost heavily. 1.5 megabits/second down really will only achieve about 175 KiloBYTES/second download speed at best. The upload may be a little crippled...384 kilobits/second should be able to achieve ~40 KiloBYTES/second upload speed. As far as I know, ComCast doesn't offer a specific speed tier that gives 1.5 MegaBYTES/second and 384 KiloBYTES/second. And their "ordinary"/lower speed tier even in their fastest areas generally is slower than that at least on the upload side. I've only got 6 mbit/sec down and 1 mbit/sec up on the "ordinary" speed tier. But SpeedBoost can briefly do crazy things to my download and upload speeds: http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/9625/ut22ulburstvsdlspeed.png ComCast's DOCSIS 2.0 SpeedBoost in uTorrent v2.0.4 on Nov.5, 2010: http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/1228/ut22comcastdocsis20spee.png
  17. Dunno, something in the v1.8.x range if I recall...wasn't my screenshot.
  18. That looks...familiar. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/9626/utorrentdlkillsulspeed.png VERY familiar... http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/5804/utorrentv201landlkillsi.png The upload burst peaks in this graph correspond to download speed die-offs: http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/9625/ut22ulburstvsdlspeed.png
  19. Disk Cache is told to remove old blocks from the cache...so it may only stay near max *IF* uploading to many peers at once. That would be somewhat torrent-dependent and even luck-of-the-draw time-based as demand rises and falls on individual torrents.
  20. 123459, I can't see your uTorrent settings to tell why.
  21. I'm on ComCast, and I see throttling at odd times...but mostly they're only reducing SpeedBoost rather than my base max speeds.
  22. Hopefully, v2.2.1 stable will be out soon with fixes for slow speed bugs Rafi and I found. :cool:
  23. If it remains, it will be greatly improved. My guess is it will be removed.
  24. "utorrent-2.2.1-beta-beta-23274.upx.exe" So it's a double-beta? Is that a pseudo-alpha or something? The PEX message flood error still occurs in this?