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uTorrent 3.4.6 Beta 41845 - Memory Leak


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I have about 48 torrents on the list -
- 9 torrents (with about 50 files each) are downloading.
- One is seeding only.
- 3 are stopped (before downloading anything).
- 2 are erroneous (missing files).
- The rest are simply finished.

One of the finished torrents has about one thousand files.

The uTorrent memory usage is currently 582 MB of private memory. Does that make sense?

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Twenty hours later, it inflated to over 900 MB.
After restarting the application, its private memory usage is about 49.5 MB. Ten minutes later - about 52.5 MB.
It seems to increase at about 2 or 3 MB per ten minutes, I guess.
So there is either a memory leak, or uTorrent holds onto data that you calculate later or show otherwise, but is perhaps not really needed for everyone?

Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1 64 bit, uTorrent is 32 bit.

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This seemed to happen to me as well.  The only short term solution that I've found is to go back to non-memory leak version.  Currently. I am running 3.4.1 (build 31139).  This is the last stable version I have found that does not have the memory leak.

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