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Error: can't open .torrent file:... after update to 1.6 build474


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i just updated to utorrent version 1.6 build474. now half of the torrents in my queue changed to "unknown torrent" and give this error for status

Error: can't open .torrent file:(and the path and name of the .torrent file)

including one big one (2GB) that was like 90% done.

most of the others hadn't started yet, so i could delete and re-download the .torrent file i guess, but how can i save data already downloaded?

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yes i changed those folders, and yes the .torrent files are in the right places. it was working just fine before the auto-update.

i did have the "store . torrent files in:" and "autoload .torrent files from this folder" set to the same folder. "Logger" told me not to do that, so i made an "autoload" subfolder and put these problematic .torrent files in there

i don't if this helps, but "Logger" says this

[23:22:30] Unable to load "<NULL>": Torrent is already loaded!

3 times, on utorrent startup. More than 3 torrents are affected by this issue tho...

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Uh, you had to put those torrents in the .torrent storage folder, NOT auto-load.

i'd had trouble before with torrents in the main torrent storage folder not reloading at startup, and putting them in auto-load seemed to help, so i thought i'd try it again....

Anyway, I fixed it on my own, but thanks for trying to help. I right clicked on each torrents and chose "Remove Torrent and"-"delete .torrent" (not data!!) Then I went into firefox's download history (luckily most of the torrents were still there) and opened them again from ff's cache. uTorrent opened them just like it oughtta, the ones which were already partially downloaded were "checking" for a while, and now it's good as new, except for 1 .torrent i couldn't find in firefox's downloads window.

So I guess the .torrent files got corrupted somehow during the auto-update to 1.6 build 474 process.

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