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New guy with a speed problem...help?


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Alright, so here it is. I'm not a computer n00b as some may say, in fact, I want to shoot myself in the face for using "n00b" but anyway, I occaaaaaaaaaaaaasionally get decent speeds with utorrent, but more than likely i can't, nor can I connect to most people, seeds, leeches or otherwise.

I do no know why, but my settings for torrents and d/l-ing and optimized my TCP jawn. Also, i did "hack" my half-open blah blahs to 177 (as instructed by a guide i saw, and yeah, i know, it's over 100). also, i have enabled and set up the ipfilter.dat option. i don't know if you need to know that stuff, but just in case, i included it.

Now, to follow the request i saw in here, here's my responses to the information:

1.) I do not have a "Network OK" nor "NAT Error" display. I have a yellow triangle with an "!" in it and a bubble saying "No Incoming Connections". Also, this is v1.6, so you know.

2.) Cable connection at 11114 kbps down and about 343 kbps up.

3.) Win XP sp2. I don't know how to check the firware of whatever I'm using.

4.) I don't think I have a firewall enabled...if I do, it's probably just the WinXP one, but utorrent is on the exception list, as par with the option in utorrent. McAfee is on here, but the FW is disabled.

5.) NOW THE PROBLEM! I know how to port forward...rather, I know I've seen guides, and I've gone far enough into them to know I can do it....the problem? My dad has the router locked up with a user and pw, which I don't know, and that he's unwilling to give me b/c he thinks I'm only going to utilize so I can d/l more illegal movies and music, etc.... noooooo <_< >_> <_<

lol, so is there anyway to do it and not gain access to the router, or to hack it/crack it/whatever to get the password and user? or I've heard of tunneling...is that something that can apply to this?

6.) My ISP, Comcast, I do not think, doesn't shape traffic (I've encrypted it anyway)

Soo....help me please?

You can IM me on AIM if you want as it might be easier at JJMaul5

I'm usually always on.

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Actually, even firewalled and unable to change settings on the router, you should still get ok and even GOOD speeds on torrents that have lots of seeds+peers. Just make sure your other settings are good.

Also, you may get lucky and have a working UPnP on the router that works well enough (if you limit connections to <100) that it forwards ports for you.

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