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HDD Usage


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Hi, this is my first post. I have searched for similar problems/thoughts but i did not find anything so, exuse me if there is a similar topic.

Recently i made a list of some files i want to download.Because they are prety old the best way to download them is to have all of them active at once.

My problem is that all the files take space about 200Gb.So having all of them downloading at once,and due to prealocating the disc space of the file to avoid fragmentation i belive that am going to "kill" my hdd that will jump 50times/second to the deferent files on the disk to write a couple of hundreds of kb in each file.

By increasing the cache i think that the resault will remain the same and the only change will be that the disk will write more data in each file.

So, how can i save my hdd from jumping back and forth on the platers?

Thanks in advance.

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Hard drive wear and tear is more caused by spin up and spin down, not so seeking. As you suggested, increasing the cache size is the only way to decrease the effect -- writing more data in each file at a time means less seeking.

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