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Firewall settings removed/broken? advice needed plz.


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I started using utorrent yesterday with no problems. I am running Zonealarm & Peer Guardian and have a belkin wireless router. I left utorrent on overnight last night, this morning i restarted the pc and noticed all my personal settings for zonealarm had been removed (program control settings i.e. allowing connections for programs to connect)

I checked if zonealarm needed updating but it was fine, and i am concerned i may have been attacked while the pc was on overnight. All these settings have never been altered before without my knowledge and i have been using zonealarm for a good few years now. Is there anyway somebody could have gained control over my pc and removed all these settings? Is this a known issue with utorrent? Any advice would be greatly appreiciated. Many thx.

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this is definitely NO issue with µtorrent.

µT has nothing to do with your personal "firewall"

if at all thats an issue with wour zonealarm!

Are you using the latest version of it?

There are known issues that zonealarm is POS that can be easily circumvented/disabled/ altered.

You can savely delete it and use only the build in if you are on xp.

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