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RemoTorr - Remote Torrenting Client for Windows 10

William Bradley

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This app allows you to remotely connect to your Torrent Server from anywhere, so that you can keep up to date with the Status of your Torrents, easily modify Torrent Settings, Stream or Remotely Play Completed Media and more.

This App supports multiple Torrent Servers at one time, including multiple different types of Servers, it features Toast Notifications that are Actionable, meaning that you can Stop the Torrent, or Play and media, or open the Download folder as soon as the Download completes (Requires the Download folder to be mapped in the app).

Future Release Plan

  • Live Tiles
  • Adding Labels during Add Torrent Dialog
  • qBittorrent Support
  • RSS Manager
  • Video/Audio Streaming to Remote Devices
  • File Downloads to Remote Devices
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Different Torrent View Styles
  • Pop out the Details Pane
  • Xbox One Support


  • Adding Torrents from File and Magnet Link allow you to select the Destination and File Priorities before Adding
  • Open Video or Audio directly or Open the Torrent Folder from Network Shares, or Remotely Play or Cast to other Devices by mapping a Network Share
  • Notifications about the completion of Torrents are Actionable, and Notify you even when the app is closed
  • System Accent Color is used throughout the app
  • Filter Torrents by Torrent State
  • Support for Multiple Different Torrent Servers
  • Batch add Torrent Files or Magnet Links
  • Customise Polling, Timeout and Theme
  • Supports Touch, Mouse and Keyboard Input
  • Select Multiple Torrents to do Batch Modifications, such as Labelling



Torrents List

Add Torrent Dialog





Torrents List

Torrent Details



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10 minutes ago, Brandon Hobart said:

What are you trying to say? Will we be able to observe our torrent statuses and whatever is going on in Utorrent on our PC at home remotely while sitting somewhere else?

Yes, It allows you to observe Torrents that are downloading on a uTorrent client using the Web API. You will soon be able to stream or download finished Torrents to your remote device as well.

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2 minutes ago, Brandon Hobart said:

Yes, it must be that good but tell me how can an iOS user get benefitted with it...Seems like I have to keep a check on it whenever you launch an app for iOS devices.

Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow any Torrent Related Applications on its App Store (Users have opportunity to use it for Illegal Activity, but the tools aren't Illegal themselves, Apple doesn't care either way), but It is possible for me to Port it to Android, or IOS (Requiring Jailbreak).

However, since this was a Personal Project, it will stay a Windows Exclusive.

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