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Ports are forworded but still slow


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Ok i was able to forword my port 43629 and i did the test and got:

OK! Port ***** is open and accepting connections.

And i also ran the broadband speed test and i got:

Your download speed : 2281 kbps or 285.2 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 622 kbps or 77.8 KB/sec.

And My DL and Upload speads are bad 24kb/s DL and 38kb/s Upload. When im connected to 9 seeders and 51 peers. I checked my log and it says: Unable to map UPnP port...

On my other connection i was using (cable) i wasint able to forword the ports but it was able to map the UPnP and i was seeing speeds of like 100KB/s Down and 350KB/s up. The new connection as of today i have DSL and i have access to the router but for some reason its slow as fuck....

Please help


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Ok a bit of an update i turned on UPnP on my router BTW i have a Netgear MR814 v2 router. and the new message i get is this:

UPnP: Discovered new device

UPnP: ERRON -3 mapping port ***** ->*****

Erron Opening Windows firewall: 0x80040154

Unable to map UPnP Port.

Also i did some reading and i went with a static IP


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you can NOT use UPnP and portforward at once!

if you have successfully forwarded a port manually you must disable UPnP in µT

regarding your speeds: have you a green network light? Make sure you have.

And it could simply be that the torrent is slow. make shure you set the right values in CTRL+G and check speeds with the open office torrent or legaltorrents.com

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