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Small issue with starting a torrent


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Alright, the Tracker site that I am going to has it set up to where you create the torrent in utorrent, then go to the site upload section and fill out the proper forms. Then after you submit it, you need to download the torrent from the site before you can seed the torrent. The site works fine, but as soon as I click the .torrent download link on the file, my utorrent opens up and it stays like this and never downloads:


Any ideas? I need it to turn grey, like this screeshot, that way I can hit the green ">" play button and start uploading.

Link #2

Also, my next question is, when I download something, it doesn't give me the option of where I want to save it. How do I change that option?

Thanks so much !

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per default µT asks you where to want to save the downloading stuff.

if it does not do that, then because you set some values for that in the preferences sections!

if you want to be able to set that on a torretn to torretn basis make shure you have no entrys there prespecified.

Regarding your first question: if you have created the torrent then you have the content already on your HDD. so why should µT start downlaoding something that is already 100% "downlaoded"? (Or i unterstand your question wrong!)

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