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when utorrent opens. my connection goes down the drain.


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when any torrenting program starts to run (azures, utorrent 1.6, and utorrent 1.5) my internet connection starts to drop out. or reset. something along those lines.

for example my AIM will suddenly disconnect, and reconnect. or with IE or Firefox a webpage will take FOREVER to load. and then quickly load once i hit stop then refresh.

if i turn off utorrent. problem solved.

what could be causing this?

i've tried changing the port number, that didn't help much.

also my speed has also dropped significantly. openoffice which usualy dl's at 700 KB/s only went at 400 KB/s

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...if that doesn't help, disable UPnP in µTorrent AND your router.

...if that doesn't help, reduce max (global) connections to less than 100.

And reboot your computer, modem, and router all at the same time before trying again -- sometimes that's all they need after a settings changes to make them work correctly.

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well, what i did in the end was i turned off my Upnp and it seemed to fix the problem to some degree.

as for my set up.

Cable ---- router ---- vonage fone, my computer, my old laptop, and my wireless router ---- my wireless laptop.

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